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Open To It

Instead of doing it,

Open to it.

Let it meet me

In the beat of the wing,

In the blink of the eye.

All is done to me.

I am just an observer

From my blissful state.

Until the flow takes hold

Of body,

Molecules and blood

And bones,

And marionette like make

Graceful swaying

Of my primal material.

I am moved,

Therefore I move.


No Compulsion to Move

No Compulsion to move,

Nor desire to do.

My world envelopes me

Like a cocoon.

All at once I understand

All there Is to comprehend.

I sit, I cry, I feel and think and move.

Yet there is nothing to do.

No Where to go.

No One to Be, except Myself.

No Compulsion to move,

Nor Desire to Do.

My World envelopes

Me like a Cocoon.

I am Transformed.


As I Go Deep

As I Go Deep

Within the Dark,

I see by the

Light of the Moon,

And my Soul

Takes the lead,

And brings me

To move, and

Sway to the

Heavenly tune.

It plays hard

And sweet,

Sad and complete,

All the while

I remain resolute

To the inner Darkness

And rich Vastness

Of unscathed

Perceptional loot.


All Along the Road

All along the road

On my Sunday hike,

What did I find?

Sunshine bright and clear,

Blue skies, no clouds,

And summer breezes.

Miller High Life,


And Sunkist Orange,


And Coca Cola too.

Bottles, cans, and

Paper amongst the Wild!

A Prayer to the Wild

And Nature that

Humankind stop using

You as a dump.

Let us understand the

Value of the Grass and Trees,

The Mountains, the Prairies,

The Islands, the Seas!



Masters of Causes


Magical life is

When Masters of Causes

We begin to recollect

All it was We Did


– Susan George,  November 18, 1999

Sun Slants Wide


Sun slants wide

On the horizon

And dances through

The wind and trees

Caring shadows on

The still strewn

Landscape of fall.

Yellow and orange

And crimson gleem

And full moon

Threatens to reflect

The sun as soon

As this orb

Of light descends

To the very

Darkness of

Undeveloped potential.

–  Susan George,   November 23, 1999

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