Marvelous Men!

In our spring celebration of Mother Earth and Earth Day and Mother’s Day, the feminine has been acknowledged and Blessed.  In order to balance the Cosmos in acceptance and not in resistance, in this time of celebrating our Father’s,  our attention goes to the masculine, father, active side of life!

In the Tarot, the masculine energy shown in the Emperor card is sublime;  just this side of manifestation.  Keen awareness, eyesight, vision, strength, the symbol of Spirit encased in Matter.  Masculine is power, status, and authority balanced in rational intuitive understanding for active creative potency!

Osiris in Egyptian symbology is the protector of the weak and vulnerable, master protector of the hearth, friendship, and all beings. The masculine acts for the benefit of all.   Direct, outgoing, and forceful, the Father energy teaches us how to handle our materiality.  Masculine energy when in balance teaches us how to be of the World , and feminine energy in balance teaches us how to not be ” of the World”.  Both are essential when dealing with manifesting , making real what we desire, mana in matter.

The masculine brings ideas into tangible workable solid form.  It shows us how to steer our life and make necessary movement towards goals we have set.  Masculine leads, governs, reasons, and has self Mastery.

The Emperor in the Tarot is represented by Aries ruled by Mars.  Passion and organization. Logic and intellect are  predominant.  Symbolized as well by the Sun and Gold, whereas the Empress is symbolized by the Moon and Silver.  The Masculine is fair and just in balance,  and accentuates the aspects of Natural Law and Divinity, and is very willing to take on responsibility.  The Divine Masculine is a superb judge, has the power to command, knows the power of Life and Death, and is a wise Counselor and Friend.  A Lord of Light!

Masculine and Feminine in this sense are two equal opposite forces that all people have and work to balance. This essay is in acknowledgement of the Masculine, and on Father’s Day, of Men! Here’s to their bountiful intellect, loving strong hearts, handsome fine souls, and impressive admirable physiques!



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